Runners Tell All Linkup: Favourite Running Gear/Products

This post was inspired by the “Runners Tell All” linkup (details below). Check out my About Me page if you like, my first post in this series on how I caught the running bug, or read on for my take on this month’s topic…

“Runners Tell All” is a monthly linkup for runners of all ages, skill levels, and experience hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch and The Lady Okie. Each month will feature a different topic, and you can find all the topics listed here.

Favourite Running Gear/Products

I have quite an obsessive nature, so ‘favourite’ (OK, ‘favorite’ for those on the other side of the pond!) is a word I use a lot.  Right now, I would narrow down my favourite things connected with running into three different categories:  gear, cheesy, and wildcard. It also helps that I don’t really have any tech gear to wax liberal about – no Garmin, no support socks… most of my running clothes are repurposed Munro-bagging clothes!

1. Gear.

Reb Runs in the Rain

I found a turquoise loose running vest in a sale earlier this year. It cost £5. The colour is bright and noticeable to other road users and makes my eyes happy, it presents a great surface for attaching race numbers, and I think it looks pretty awesome over a black high neck winter running top. I recreated my running outfit on Polyvore (click the image above if you want to see the item detail!) so you can see how awesome the orange Garmin Forerunner 10 would look with my ensemble. *salty tears, washing away slowly in the rain*

2. Cheesy.

Buchlyvie 2014 Goodie Bag Bracelet
Buchlyvie 2014 Goodie Bag Bracelet

Yes, this category is the slightly corny one, but I like my motivation with a good layer of cheese! In this category, my favourite running gear is my goodie bag/swag purple rubber wrist band from the Buchlyvie 10k, my first race of 2014!  Putting on this wristband reminds me of my achievement and a quick glance down at it (as my lungs and legs announce their imminent demise) can do wonders for my spirits!

3. Wildcard.

I do love a wildcard! This is another motivation-related ‘product’, and a definite obsession at the moment. I’m very inspired by others, whether real or fictional, in all areas of life. For example… I chainwatched the Starz Spartacus series to keep myself motivated when I started lifting weights, with the odd helping of Thor thrown in. Nothing like seeing muscles to want muscles! However, for general fitness and joy in exercise, my current secret weapon is … sports anime! In particular, the amazing Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball).

Kuroko's Basketball - Official Image
Kuroko’s Basketball
(image source: Crunchyroll)

The motivation of the main characters to “become the best basketball team in Japan”, to strengthen specific elements of their own fitness and improve their game, while playing as part of a team and reinforcing their friendships is very inspirational, particularly at my current running ‘level’.  I love to watch this show in the evenings after a long day of work. Yes, at weekends, sometimes I marathon it!  If you want to try it out, I subscribe to Crunchyroll each month in exchange for advert-free viewing, but I believe you can also watch the episodes without a subscription and for free (with adverts).

I’m looking forward to seeing the other linkups for this month – I wonder if anyone else will share my Kuroko love! I suspect that instead I’ll just spend the month in a Garmin Envy haze. 😉



  1. That shirt is my favorite color! Love it! I also love the reason behind wearing your bracelet-we always need a reminder about where we started!

    And if you don’t get a Garmin for awhile, there is a free app called MapMyRun that gives you pretty accurate time, calorie, pace, and distance tracking from your phone. Check out my blog post today-it’s the first thing I mentioned. Happy Running!

  2. Totally agree on the wicking layers. Nothing has been so important for me as that during this horrible winter. I always want to try bright colors, but usually the bright colors are just on my shoes somehow.

  3. Okay, I love that you mentioned a ponytail. HELLO. Why do some people not put their hair up when they run? What is that about? haha. Your little graphic you made is awesome. Thanks for linking up! Happy weekending to you!

  4. I’ve got a love affair with running in bright colours (hello from Canada, where we love our u’s too!) I love it when the weather is slightly cooler that I need to wear my neon running jackets (I have a bright lime green as well as hot pink one). I used to wear only black ever, but when I got into running and started gaining confidence, now I want to be BRIGHT! I also love your corny/cheesy category! My fav running gear in that category is knee-socks (not compression ones because I can’t spend a billion dollars on socks). I like to run in bright-coloured knee socks and my go-to are usually rainbow striped!

    1. Rainbow socks sound fantastic! Running is such a big confidence builder, you’re quite right. Also… woo Canada! I’d love to explore it someday, particularly the West Coast. It sounds like a bigbigbig still-naturally-forested version of Scotland!

  5. Rebecca,
    I love running vests! I don’t think that people who run in warm weather appreciate that using a vest to layer (on top of layer, on top of layer…) is the easiest way to look good and not freeze in bad weather. Very functional! Thanks for sharing your gear!

  6. This was so interesting and fun to read! I like your cheesy and wildcard ideas! I don’t have a bracelet but I do sometimes get a big sharpie out and write things on my arm. If I am running for someone I’ll write their name really big on my hand so I can see it and ‘run for them’. When my nephew was born I ran a half marathon for him.

    I honestly have never heard of motivation through anime but I can understand that. The only thing I know about anima is that I got sucked into watching The Death Note. I watched the whole dang series! Have you seen it? It has nothing to do with running though… =)

    Thanks for linking up and for sharing your fun gear!

    1. Hi Beka, thank you! Running for someone else sounds like excellent motivation, and it’ll be fun to tell your nephew about the half-marathon when he is older.

      I haven’t seen The Death Note, but sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite genres (hence sports anime was a total surprise ‘like’ for me too!) so if it’s on Crunchyroll I’ll add it to my queue. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. The color of that top is amazing! I usually wear mostly black, but have no qualms about throwing in a splash of color, especially turquoise. And congrats on your 10k! I have a half marathon scheduled for July, and am just now getting past the 5k stage. Lots more work to do… 🙂

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