Runners Tell All Linkup: My Story in 250 words.

Welcome to my first blog post! This post was inspired by the “Runners Tell All” linkup (details below), and I hope it will be the first of many in 2014. Check out my About Me page if you like, or just read on for a short summary of how I caught the running bug!

“Runners Tell All” is a monthly linkup for runners of all ages, skill levels, and experience hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch and The Lady Okie. Each month will feature a different topic, and you can find all the topics listed here.

My Running Story

My first running experience was a spur of the moment 10k in May 2002 – the Britannic Asset Management Women’s 10K event in Glasgow (Scotland). I attended my university gym regularly for fitness classes, but had never actually jogged/run before. One day, pumped with endorphins after a particularly good workout, I saw a poster advertising the event, signed up for the university team and started my first ever eight week beginner’s 10k program. Eight weeks later, I ran the 10k in just over an hour, nommed on a Burger King as a post-run ‘reward’ and … didn’t run again for ten years.

In 2012 (one degree, one full-time job, two house moves and two cats later), I unpacked a box and found my eight week program. I’d lost some weight, and still had a good pair of Brooks trainers so I decided to give the program a whirl again. I ran in the evenings after work, when there was enough light, and occasionally at the weekends. Then, in 2013, a lightbulb flickered into life and I started running in my lunch hour at work. I remembered how much I’d valued the sense of personal achievement from running, and the hour of light and fresh air improved my mood. I ran my second ever 10k in November 2013 in under an hour, and my third ever 10k in January 2014 at a new personal best time of 56 mins 27 seconds. No Burger Kings this time, and I’m still running!



  1. Awesome! It’s inspiring how motivated you were to start running and sign up for a race. Congratulations on lowering your time! And thanks for linking up 🙂 See you next month!

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